Thursday, August 6, 2015

Technique and Inspiration

SOLD   Intersection #8   8"x12"  mixed media

A couple of weeks ago I took a workshop with artist/instructor Jan Olsson at Beverley Street Studio School (BSSS) in Staunton, VA. The course title is Modernizing the Techniques of the Masters. I had heard what a terrific teacher and artist Jan is, and yet this is the first opportunity I’ve had to take her class. She lives and teaches in both Paris, France and Staunton, Virginia so you have to catch her when she is in town. 

Jan’s technique involves a two-step approach and acrylic paints, a monochrome umber-like underpainting, followed by colored glazing layers, and finally and optionally light opaque details.

I loved the class, learned a lot, and produced something that I was satisfied with as a first effort.

So here I am. It’s August—a new month, and me enamored with printmaking processes. I have in front of me a less-than-successful shades of gray drypoint carborundum print experiment, and I’m about to dispose of it when I realize that perhaps all that is standing between me and true happiness is my soft pastels readily available and within reach. An hour later plus an added layer of pastels, I have a mixed media piece I’m happy with, Intersection #8, and thank you Jan Olsson.

Take a look at Jan’s website. Her paintings are inspiring as was her class.

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