Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How do you get there?

Intersection 9   6"x8"  mixed media

I sometimes wonder if we are on a mysterious but well articulated path, thinking, believing, making decisions, solving problems according to a plan and a path that awaits and anticipates our future steps.

Too cosmic and incredible! Who's to say, but I never feel the existence of a phenomenon more than when I'm resolving a painting. How do I get from choosing a photo, to a sketch, to a changed sketch, to deciding on hundreds of available materials and techniques, to applying endlessly specific formulas, to selecting a myriad of printing methods, to applying other mediums, to reviewing, to deciding, deciding, endlessly deciding, and ending, knowing somehow that I'm done. And look at it. It is the sum total of me and no one else. We are all different and have a visual signature.

How do you get there? Ever wonder?