Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Outfoxed  24 x 24 mixed media

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Have you noticed? There is a new conversational "fad" perpetrating the English language wherein the first word in a sentence is So. I hear it over and over again on the news.

So, I completed a 3-day mid-week workshop last week, instructor Janly Jaggard. Janly, an inspired artist and endlessly patient teacher, set up our room such that her five students each had their own art studio. Throughout the 3-day workshop, Janly dropped in, as it were, to visit each artist and talked about our works-in-progress, gently guiding/consulting, and tug-boating us toward our individual port-o-call.

So, I learned a lot. The most curious lesson learned was the realization, no let's call it revelation, that I have an unconscious compulsion to see realistic forms where none exist--at least not seen by teacher and fellow classmates. Cows, chickens scotty dogs, teapots, trees, mountains--you get the idea.

So, near the end of day three, I was working on the above painting, when Janly dropped by, looked at the painting, and shouted, "STOP", which I interpreted to mean STOP. Conversation followed, and we both agreed that this one was finished and truly an abstraction. Success!

So, I should not be surprised that I discovered a curious little fox with cute whiskers in the white character on the left. Oh well.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Grace behind form

Placeholder   24 x 24 mixed media

Downhill  24 x 24 mixed media

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As I continue to explore the process of abstracting form, I'm discovering that there is a particular beauty in an illusory rendering, particularly in greyscale where there are no color clues. It feels a little like that occasional inspired painting you discover that brings forth the negative and allows positive forms to recede--those beautiful passages that feel like grace behind form.