Saturday, April 6, 2019

SKETCH Staunton

Here's a LOCAL update for you Virginia peeps . . .

For several years, I've wanted to start up a local Staunton, Virginia urban sketching-style group--something good for Staunton and good for local artists and sketchers. Staunton is ideal for such a sketching group with its civil war history, architecture, historic gardens, and colorful year-round events. We are arguably the cultural HOT SPOT of Virginia. Wow! it's a mystery to me why nobody's engineered the sketching phenomena in Staunton until now. So, "Step aside. I'll do it!"

To start with you can JOIN our new FACEBOOK group [search SKETCH Staunton] - We are a group of dedicated local artists/sketchers capturing the beauty and history of Staunton, VA. What's posted on the group page, stays in the group, like images, conversations, tips, techniques, locations, meetup alerts, etc. We're a "closed" group.

I've started an Instagram page for SKETCH Staunton and (with permissions) sketchers work is posted there for you to see, enjoy, LOVE, and comment on. Take a look at us so far at
SKETCH Staunton on Instagram

If you are not a Facebook user and have an interest in joining us, you can reach us by email at

Please note: WE ARE NOT a member of the international group known as Urban Sketchers

For now, we're meeting once a week on Thursdays, but we've got BIG plans, including a once a month meetup on Sundays, and periodic "sketch crawls" at big events like our annual Harry Potter event, Queen City Mischief and Magic festival that takes place over three days in Staunton.

Here's one of my recent sketches . . .

SKETCH Staunton -  Paris Cake Company, Staunton, Va

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