Friday, February 1, 2019

Bigger is BIGGER

It's not that I have never painted large formats before--back in California, I painted a few 5' square canvases-- circa 1995. When you paint big, you come face to face with two truths--you use much more paint and BIG takes up a lot of storage space.

While I learned some valuable "process" lessons, all that color, using an unlimited palette, was, well, a little scary. And,

(1)  I wasn't yet brave enough to let my freaky character icons fly (as it were),
(2)  I didn't yet know how to paint the "field" I wanted them to live in, and
(3)  I wasn't ready to just let go.

So, the remainder of 2018 consisted of smaller learning studies, with a plan to eventually go big with confidence. Add to the mix, a December holiday project which I'll show you in another post.

14"x12" water media on w/c paper

Space and Time
10"x11" mixed media on w/c paper

12"x12" acrylic on birch board

20"x22" acrylic on w/c paper

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